Checking in and making progress!

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Well things are actually going pretty well.

I am making progress on so many things, even though my social support network had weekend, I have done very well.
Weightloss Goals – Making Progress
With the lorenzapam I gained about 30lbs, Now I have taken matters in my own hands (with dr advisement) and I started taking Alli, exercising (450 cals every other day) and eating fat free.
I have lost 10lbs in 30 days about 1/3 of a pound a day.

1) The language Portuguese – I completed 3 private tutorial sessions
2) Practice Drawing Talent – (no progress yet)
3) Go to the Symphony, the Opera, a Play, a Movie, Dance and Ballet – I saw Black Swan and survived
It actually made me feel good to know that some of my nervous, self conscience tendencies are shared by others.
4) Learn to do magic – (I may have to let this one go…. maybe I will go to a magic store this weekend)
5) Make new balloon animals – (maybe the magic store will have a book, or I could check out the internet)
6) Learn how to spin glowsticks (Poi) – YES!!  I attended 1 private poi session, it was excellent!!
7) Go to some crazy places XXX – I think I am going to save the money from this.

T – minus 8 days and I will be leaving to Brazil,
I will have to get my spray tan on  at a tanning salon before I go….

I hope this has helped some, generate ideas, prioritize and act on those ideas – fight the need to isolate.

Your so worth it!!



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