Darkness in the Brightness of Paradise

Brazil is so great, nice beaches, fresh fruit for breakfast and great salads for lunch, running, swimming, biking and more but even 5400 miles from chicago the darkeness seems to follow. This does not surprise me, however, they come at night. The darkness is in the form of nightmares everynight so vivid so real. What this means is that I am getting healther (what?) well basically, I beleave that while the mind is free is can process all the subconscience repressed material is has been queing up all year, all the things that it had not had time to properly process. So my dreams/nightmares include – rude and disrespectful officemates doing mean things to me and more.
Today I will give up the (Alli) diet pills and the alcohol to see if they go away today.

(I am working on a sketch in the left of the picture)

Day at the Beach

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