Rebirth – Side effects of Alli? Antidepressant too?

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Where has Christian been?  Lost in Brazil?  Back to Chicago?

Update – I am down 15 pounds, eating healthy, excising and positive energy seems to be flowing through my veins.

And taking Alli – (many would never want me to say this, but I feel like it is an antidepressant, the one I needed)
I find myself, organized, waking up early, looking forward to the day.
(I am making list, getting things done and moving forward without getting stuck in emotional potholes)

Since Brazil I have learned so much, perspective and I will not let these things get me down (and may change them):
1) My job is not my life.
2) My psychiatrist is not really nice, full of pithy sarcasm.
3) All I need are within, the oars to paddle on the great river called life.

Visual image that describes it: (butterfly emerging from cocoon of depression)

Song that describes it: (A Positive Life – Aquasonic)

(lyrics rising up like a beautiful bubble to the surface)

Lastly, I am so excited, I have tickets to see Zoe Keating in Chicago,
***Dark / Classical / New Age ** (fav sound – escape Artist)


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