New Movie – Limitless – About Antidepressants Really?

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I just watched the movie Limitless – Why not come out and say it that the new move Limitless with Bradley CooperRobert De NiroAbbie Cornish really is about antidepressants?

It helps opens up the issues of how, a person’s loved ones can see the difference
and the darkside of dependence for LIFE.  (although the movie goes farther to make the person more like god)

I don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

The movie was great for me, because is showed where bought groceries in China town, and where I worked in Midtown Manhattan, central park the skating ring and more.

The reminds me of antidepressant Wellbutrin, where I didn’t have to sleep, lost weight, laid out my clothes for 2 weeks at a times, calculated everything in a spreadsheets (kind of like getting a touch of OCD)  and the crazy increase in sex drive (which they left out of the movie – kinda.)  (did I forget to mention the darkside of Wellbutrin the increase in risk of seizures altough I never had that)  THE DOWNSIDE – my art talent dried up, where I used to create large murals which were painted in my head, I would go to the art store and know already the size canvases I needed as I already new what they were going to look like, the second issue was that time accelerated for me  so weeks would go by so much faster.(which is bad because your life is speeding by)  Why would I take this if it causes this?  Because the deep dark feelings dried up… and the images of art were all coded messages for suicide… screaming for help… however they helped me get into art school (also I ended up going to engineering school for computers instead.)

Basically there are no free bee’s with meds, but they help me to be more functional.

Music Link for this message – so 80’s I know but Black Celebration Depeche Mode


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