No good deed goes unpunished

I do my work at night and during the day
I help others. I have been in meetings with business team and helped on the reporting spreadsheets. Anyways, my manager and two
supervisiors held a meeting with me recommending that I have a demotion because I was engaged in non engineering activities. I guess nice guys finish last ;-(
I got the joy of feeling darkness, that I was not worth the money, then I remember being on madison avenue at my old office in manhattan engasged in some of the largest installations for this product. No it is not me, something else is going on. I am at a higher pay band and there is a person who wants my position in TX and will do anything to take it, including going to directors and trying to get me demoted.

This job has worn away my last shread of emotional patients, I will let this guy win, take the job (some public school teachers make more) and I will roll forwad and find something else in the universe.

Lord help me to stay positive.



2 thoughts on “No good deed goes unpunished

  1. My heart is with you_on this !

    This wouldn’t mean much_except the fact that there_into my heart_there is God,already…

    How ,on earth,can I make such a statement ?!
    Well_He is there because ,some times ago_I’ve invited Him in.
    And had_since then_many and constant signs that He is there…
    By consequence_where (and with whom)_my hearts goes_He goes too…
    Should I add that He is powerful and willing to help_even in the smallest matter ?!

    Just give us a try !And be prepared for some miracles !

    *As for that guy : “not yet & not so fast,dude !”

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