The best and darkest of times

Word press blog.

Well I have been gone as I have been doing my student stuff. Got an A- in ops management.

But at the same time I made an error in trying to fix an issue with and untested tool ot work. Now all the bosses r angry, got to have 2 repremand sessions today. Tomorrow it will be tag team managers telling me how bad I man making human errors and how everyone had to work the weekend because of me. Don’t these people know who they r talking to I already say this stuff to myself and how far I have come. Actually they don’t know… Get through the next 48 hrs – stay safe..

Kids, wife, startup company, potental, hope…
Vrs anger, pain, darkness and forever.

No job is worth emotional pain, long tem plan to leave, (for a diffent job) 12 months, starts now.

Not going to use emergency medications but instead kava kava and hope.


2 thoughts on “The best and darkest of times

  1. So,you’ve made a mistake !You are human_you are not above law and neither above mistake…
    And,most probable_ there were more factors that contributed to it,not only you or your abilities.
    And,fortunately_no one has been injured or damaged.
    You’ll have to assume with dignity_that which is really your fault…
    But,first of all_ take some moments to just talk with that terrified inner child inside you..
    Tell him something like :”This is not your fault_it’s mine !But even if it would have been yours_I would forgive and accept and appreciate and…love you,deeply !”

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