File in my hr file – end of any future at company

Well they are putting a letter in my human resources file. Say goodbye to any future at the company or ever having promotions. By the way I wrote the computer system that will house the letter which will keep me captive.
Coupled with a disaplinary action.
The lord is leading me or pushing me to move on.
The bright side I am working on my new company and have 2 mbas which will help write the business plan through my university.
Waiting all day for the dark meeting was the most angushing part. The letter that they wrote didn’t metion my yrs of service that there was no data loss and more.
I see why people think big companies r evil.


2 thoughts on “File in my hr file – end of any future at company

  1. i wish you all the best
    may you grow more stronger and wiser
    there is must be something wonderful ahead waiting for you 🙂

  2. Now_I have the time to congratulate you on your wonderful results on recent exams at the university.
    I am amazed by your growth as an intellectual and as a learning person.
    Maybe it’s time that you look at your job with a more detached feeling and to focus and consider your other projects(studying,evolving as an intellectual,personal growth)_your priority.And,of course_your beautiful family!
    As for now_allow yourself to rest and heal these recent bruises !I’ll pray for the healing light of God to spread upon your heart and soul and mind _ with all my capacity !You’ll see that this will work !

    God bless you,your wife and your kids !

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