Day into the next

Moving forward trying to “stay centered”
Keep positive and know that my job (my work)
Is try to throw me off my game.
What to do?
Send out a resume every day?
Maybe, work on rewriting my business plan and meet with my investor. I know I need to stay strong, keep to a regular schedule and keep up the exercise. I am paid fo 40 hours per week, however if all I do is think about work, then I am working even longer.
They said I could have a comp day per my supervisor of late nite and weekend work. Then when u go to take it they take it away.
Let’s see what haPpens.

They r still punishing me for my attempt to help a customer, while others and work from home tues and thurs i am required to come in everyday.

I really need to get out of there I need an upgrade 🙂

I actually beleave they r kind of evil since they r not 4 profit yet made 1 billion+ and do not return the funds to the members as the charter states… Meanwhile some little old lady members r forced to eat cat food to pay their premiums to multi-millionaire executives. Yep that alone should be a reason to leave.


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