Strange Darkness of Existance

It is challenging for many to understand the objective reality verse the real reality.

I think I am in the wrong place at work.
I was cleaning out my desk yesterday, as everyone was working from home
and so I had a Kevin Harvick Nascar BRICK which is a 3d laser eched car in a block of glass.
I had it on my desk for about 4 months and now one said anything… (and they all love cars)
so I gave it to my person who cube is next to mine.

He set it on his desk, immediately people started coming together and asking what it was,
the wanted to take it out of the box and hold it, then they wanted to put it in the stand an
plug it in. The they looked it over for about 20 minutes… someone did say, well that is from Christian
(deep pan silence) and no one gave a reaction…

So why when it was 36 inches in my cube on display for 2 months no one said a word?
Then is in obsessional by my office mate and it is the greatest thing in the world?
I think I need to move on…. as on person said in another office “I cannot feel the love”
and so they moved on…. I feel the same is true for me.

Tips to self, stay positive, focus on the good things and the best time to find a new position or job
is while you are still employed.


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