A Vid and a thought

Where have I been?

Well to be honest I am working on starting a company and have had fears that somehow some way my investor(s) would find my site and I would loose funding.  But I have also found that money is not unique which means there is other money out there and more over, it is very important to be true to your self.  (have you seen the Adjustment Bureau?)

So I am going to remain committed to be in touch with myself.

I was happy to see that many people have been enjoying my poem “The Dragon Within”

I wanted to provide a video for your viewing pleasure.  Since I love art, I can identify with most of the paintings and artists in the video.


I am starting up graduate school also while working so that is also keeping be busy.

Stay positive!

(stick with the Ali lost 20lbs but I seems to have been helping me.. I wake up everymorning at 5:30am w/o an alarm clock)

Want a little music that soothes the soul? http://www.sky.fm/play/bossanova


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