The Wedding & The Confession

So I had attended this wedding in California.

I shared a room with my mother.

I revealed to my mother that I take medication and she told me things that I had never heard before.

That there was a suicide in her side of the family and that she gets very down but then is able to get past it.

Her “troughs” last for about 3 days and I know she gets manic because I think that she loves to shop.

It is just hard because I thought I was alone in this for decades… so alone and finally to learn there is a history

and that my own mother confesses to have this as an issue too.  Wow!


One thought on “The Wedding & The Confession

  1. It’s only when you have things like that happen that the statistics start being so high begins to sound believable, isn’t it?
    I hope that you and your Mum can be supports for each other with your depression now when you need it – or even just know that the other could possibly be there for each of you if you wanted them to be.

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