Trying to feel better

Trying to feel better
I have been putting myself out there trying to feel better
And learning that i have more options in life and i do not have to settle for a job or place which i feel that i am treated rudely. 
I also learned that maybe i could try a little harder and stop accepting when when things r hard and look for more options.

Right now physically i am feeling super sick as my throat is so soar.
It is tough but i hope to get better.
So i met with my old friend from the dbsa and found that she has lost some weight but looks nice.  I also found that she is kinda focused on herself as she has been healing. She actually is making great progress with her depression and is taking her medication and has held on to her job and is even seeing a therapist.  She however feels bad as she feels that she missed out on having kids and feels like this is some how going to make her less of a person.  She is a good person who is getting better.
It is interesting in the depression support group it seems that all the women just want to be normal and have kids and a family.  Kinda sad because most are pretty and have everything physically nessacary. 
Sometimes at the group they put me on the spot, how could you have a family and keep a job?  Some are angry at me or jealous or maybe some think i am making it up.  But the reality of it is that i have worked hard my whole life managing it and now that i take Rx my episodes r shorter and farther appart.  Since i have started to take the alli i have not been back to the group…
Keep hope alive!


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