Meeting done

Well the meeting went well, i am just going to keep going and start making my new software to help people, i had several questions regardong how to make money and next steps.
Also i am geering up for my next class.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US. Yep i am a mayflower decendant basicall this means that my family was part of the first thanksgiving in the US in the 1600’s how do i know? My father is a genealogist.  Yep they are pilgrims.  How does this help me in mu daily life? Well not really.
The celebrity ends there as my ansester (john howland) was an endenchured servant whose master left him the estate and he worked his way up in the US.
Stay positive and keep moving.
Goal: to get a good night sleep and do some good excercising in the next couple days.


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