Stuck in the darkest of quagmires

Wow it is a tough friday, i feel unlovable and needy and sad.  I feel unaccomplished wow it is tough.  I don’t have any kava kava take which is my first step during an emotional emergency.  God help me get though today.   I am never late 4 work today i am running an hour behind.  I could take to train to an herbal store but then i will be even later.  It would be great to lay down and be hugged and feel love.  I will make it, maybe if i can get something done i will feel better.  For people r attracted to the strong not the weak. Fridays have started to get tough for me.
I need to keep ot together my vacation to brazil is coming in the it is just..  i feel that i have not accomplished alot in my life.  Life my life self worth is half empty….


One thought on “Stuck in the darkest of quagmires

  1. Ok,you may listen that voice while diminishing you,don’t fight it,but_listen with some detachment,as you would watch a movie character or a personage in a theater play…
    I mean,listen, but_ do not buy,do not agree with it…
    Now,really,what do YOU think about the worth of Christian? About his achievements?
    YOU_not that voice…Because,of course,YOU are not that voice,that thought…

    I’ve just sent you an e.mail.

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