Devine forces save/communicate to me through tattoos – My battle

Made it through… Yea!! wow making it.
Living in a large city one finds one self in the strange places…
Thanks to the help of a beautiful art expert who has an eagle tattooed in her lower back, who was dressed as the FIFA Fairy,
became a deity for the night saving me with attention and caring.










As a sharp intellectual, I need to speak with knowledgeable people, to have a conversation, and she proved this… she knew Art  more art than I.
Meanwhile, I had been an artist and taken art history.  While she too had been to Paris and rattled off the mainstream names like Monet but also knew of Egon Schiele and Gustov Klimt.

What is the world telling me?

Well that I not only missed the memo that everyone has tattoos, but also that THERE IS SO MUCH MORE, MORE INTERESTING PEOPLE THAT YOU DON’T KNOW NOR COULD I IMAGINE…..


An a different night I found a rather innocent looking woman with not so innocent words of “lust” and “hate” tattooed became revealed on her collar bones.
Where do these creatures of the night come from? & They come to my aid…  it is so surreal…

The devine is speaking through people in a language that I can related but with additional edginess.

How can one give up on the world when it is filled with the unexpected?

I walk to the light and angels of the bazaarest sorts swoop down and provide comfort meanwhile at my corporate job
I am ignored and feel as if my soul is melting in the white warm desktop where the last victim sat. What does this mean?
There is kindness in darkness and pain in light, meaning I need to come in touch with my feelings and allow myself
to transfer to a company(s) which are not in the Top Ten List or Fortune 500 but rather with people that CARE.
The payment in paper is nice (money) but not at the sacrifice of my soul, I deserve kindness.
Are American (USA) nice people?  Do they care, do they really know compansion OR unconditional love?
(The kind of love where they would give you organs, sex or blood to help you…)

For me the chasing of the dream was unconditional love, caring, kindness, worth more THAN ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD…
And the old me believed that there was NO real kindness like this and I had to cast off my mortal coil to go to the place were
we are all accepted for eternity, a place were you are NEVER rejected and (however you will go there anyways.)
However, I have found that BRAZIL and the collectivist culture of South American, provides a sincere love, caring, like no
other I have found.  Family members will do almost anything for each other (even friends)
(expect maybe break their marriage vows)  is the strongest earthly unconditional love, I have yet to find…

And Brazil’s weather\SUN drenches the body in warmth.  (I leave in 5 days)

So basically welcome to Earth camp, you are here for a reason, but not to suffer…. but contribute?  and receive love?
Not working for you? Maybe you are in England (the UK), Irealand or the USA and need to be in Latin America or Asia
a collectivist culture.. PLEASE DON’T LOOSE HOPE…
Please don’t write HELP with your finger in your own blood (also this scares people 😉 )  instead pull yourself up, look around, travel, ask people how they are doing, and they will ask you how you are….
This is my battle.

I fight another day! be well


One thought on “Devine forces save/communicate to me through tattoos – My battle

  1. During the pagan years and before the coming of our Lord Jesus many those wanting to show they belong to a certain pagan God who in essence was the devil and his demons in disguises, marked their selves with the “appropriate” markings in order to let everyone know of their spiritual beliefs.
    The coming of our Lord and the receiving of the Christian Baptism as delivered by the Apostles, bestowed on each and every individual baptized a SEAL by the Holy Spirit that is seen and can be recognized by angels!
    In the case of death or at His Second coming the angels will not pick up the souls of those who have markings and will leave them for the devil for it is a sin against God to tattoo a mark upon you
    Leviticus 19: 28 “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD”.
    Note: Lord Jesus as high priest in the Greek Orthodox Baptism, erases all sin including the sin of markings on the body and allows each and every person this way a new beginning a new relationship with his God creator!

    Lord Jesus did not come to teach philosophically but THERAPEUTICALLY

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