Brazil challenge

It all started when my wife stopped calling from brazil
Them i flew 18 hours including lay overs and in country flights and no one was as at the air port to meet me.

Well it is kinda challenging in brazil
The first night i had a private episode
The second day i had a sister in-law say how come on after 13 years I still did not speak portuguese
And i also mentioned how i was able to get things for free simply through kindness (not intentionally) and she stated that is because u look old and tired and that was on Christmas Day

I know there is a deep jealousy of americans here.
Then of all thing on christmas day as we were trying to relax after a long night of high end parting with a roasted pig and exceptional chocolates, The father in-law want s to take us to see mango trees, not knowing he is the cultural patriarch, i disagree and suggest a “night of rest”

He then disappears for the rest of the night christmas night and does not even say good night which is huge in this culture, saying good night.

He then disappears and does not provide his breakfast of Mangoes for join, (I think he is kinda passive aggressive), but for peace i apologize.

Super so because of not seeing his mango trees xmas dinner and a breakfast is ruined.

This evening i come back with dinner and he does not make eye contact nor really speak with me…

I am ready to fly back…to the US… NOW!



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