Brazil was super tough

Well brazil was super tough and it destablized me.  It was isolating as i was not a master of the language of Portuguese and the spoke fast then the family was quick to correct any mistakes i made, i was not treated as i was in the past instead it was hard as people would not make eye contact nor spaek with me.  I found out later that people had the impression that i was a prince that i did not help on chores ect.  However this is not true as i am from the midwest and i work hard and did help to clean up after family meals etc. The deal is i do need a room with air conditioning to sleep and brazilian don’t really understand as they sleep in 90 degree nights.

I just have this concept that everyone i meet hates me but actually when I returned to work two diffent individuals sought me out to talk to me and seek advice on their personal issues.
Name the people who like u excluding family bernie, doug, kristina, james, lynne, norma, larez, aisha, jeff sh, tom red, janet These r not my good friends but people whe like me and excerise kindness.    This proves there are people outside my family who r can like me.


3 thoughts on “Brazil was super tough

  1. It looks like double-super-tough,indeed ! You may congratulate yourself,for having passed through this and_move on…Like you would get out of a movie scene or a play_ on which you, temporarily, took part…Or,as you would exit some rooms ,named :”Brasil family gathering”, “Bar scene”, etc…
    People can’t afford kindness_they are too hurt ,too unhappy,themselves,to still have some of it left,for others…Imagine a cartoon in which Tom has just dropped a massive boulder on his leg;how much,do you think,might he,still, show some form of sympathy towards the poor Jerry ?!
    And,there is ,of course,the lack of emotional intelligence (to avoid the more negative charged name for that_emotional stupidity) showed by so many people,nowadays.
    But,as I’ve recently read (but I’m sure you already knew) it is a fact that serotonin acts,among other mechanisms,through rising the threshold for pain (especially for those of psychological nature);and this might be an explanation,too, for our acute sensitiveness and vulnerability that holds upon us at some moments (with low serotonin levels) …
    For all that and other more_you must be the one to offer to yourself the love and kindness needed.There are some inspiring sites& books about this love;you might find them on the Internet…

    Finally,have you considered addressing this prayer to God :”Please get a church into my way,
    through which You may show me my way through You !As I want to get closer to You,but I don’t know how…”
    And,after that,see what happens…I mean_go to that first church appeared in your way.(Even if you are,already,belonging to one;sometimes there is need for some new perspective_this doesn’t mean you have to quit your actual church or beliefs)
    And,once there_ ask for some guidance;at some moment,you’ll feel that you get the proper advice _tailor-made_ that you needed ,regarding to what you have to do in order to enter in your personal relation with God…

    And,of course,you have us,all,here,your friends,to whom you are important…
    Hold on,carpenter !
    Horses don’t die when the wolves wish…

  2. I’ve got this from a friend, the friend said,if a person don’t understand us or don’t like us then it’s their own problem. most of the time they are jealous coz we are good or better than them. so don’t hate them,coz indirectly they are actually amazed of your skills or talents 🙂

    have a nice day!!

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