Road to no where

Well i have been hoping to move up in my career for of has been some years and i have never been put into a supervisor position.  But i don’t think it will happen right where i am in my current position as i went out to the bar on two invites with the execs there. Then when i came in the exec said to the other exec here comes crazy guy.  This had become a nick name from the prev VP.  I know that this will prevent my success going forward, i like to speak in front of large groups but i can see that this is not going to happen with this croud.  I should follow the employement plan i created with my mba class which says keep applying both inside and outside the company and to never give up.  The weather in the chicago is not great compared to brazil.  This is going to be tough,another executive does not even speak to me even to say good bye.  This is a tough crowd, i thought new york was tough but this is no easier.  I will keep focused on my mba class and that will make it easier but in the mean time do i pursue my company during a recession or push for the next position with my career.


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