Support thank you

Super so i have gone dilullional 🙂
That u all for ur support and posts they r awsome
Missed the dbsa meeting last night and the pdoc rescheduled for the third time.  All i can hear in my mind is the song Hurt by trent resnoir sung by Jonnie cash.
Now 5:45am i am headed to work running away from the sad dark thoughts in my head.  My brother is txting me on his way to the pentigon guess that make s me feel better.  I think my accounting class may be driving my crazy to…. it is a stay at home computer based class and i miss the interaction.

Today it is zero Fairenhight so so so cold and dark.  I think my trip to brazil has thinned my blood.
My saving grace an expensive intellegencia coffee in 20 mins.
I will leave work early as i have arrived early as the biggest snow storm is predicted for today – this weekend.
Now to focus on work and the negative thought flow away.  I will try not to look for personal confirmation at work as there r not many kind souls there.  Most are accounting and computer people.
God help me another day…. i wish this on no one…


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