Going off alli

I noticed that while i was on alli that i kind of annoid people as it made me speedy brained i was in the habit of finishing others sentences.  After 8 months of it my eyes were constantly red as i only had to sleep 5 hrs or less per night.  So i stopped this weekend and found my self tired and lathergic the first day, a little less tired Sunday but with a major headache then on monday i felt i could not go to work, so sad but i made it and as the day ended i found that i was productive and scattered run away thoughts disappeared and i had my old focus back.  Making it one day at a time

Today i pushed myself to run by the lake in the freezing drizzle and it felt liberating to run and run as german techno streamed into my ears from my cell phone.  It was a good day and i am fighting to keep the dragon away another day (dragon sybolizing depression)


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