Less is more & turning 100

Just met with the pdpc and he says that my 4am morning anxiety attacks (where i wake up covered in sweat with my mind racing with negative self defeating thoughts) could be the atavan wearing off tiggering a rem relapse where a person has ultra vivid and stress full dreams. 
I also asked him for smaller doesages on the sleeping pills, which i think should be sleep aids not knockout drugs, yep he didn’t even know they made such low does tablets. 
It was an ups and down week, i have a new boss i like.  He appreachated the south american coffee and saidhe even knew how to make it.  He used to live in south america for two years.   This manage is much better.  Where else could i discuss the difference between the robusta coffe bean verse the arabica bean.  My old managers just did not know what to do with the coffee…. kinda like thanks.. i guess they would say if i brought them some. 
So i had to have a rough draft draft of a data model recommendation completed for my new role (position) and i did get it finished today.  Win

I found the new cube i wanted to move to, but was told that they r reserved for higher paid people that the just hired in my department.  LOSS since i had been excited to get a window seat and wish they had told me about the new positions so i could earn more pay.  Oh well…

Now i have an exam next week to study for so hard to say focused when i am working full time.

Lastly, i want to that the kind people who have provided suppo
rt UR THE BEST.  I thought today how lucky i am to have some kind souls watching over me, it is really awsome.  I am so lucky to have u!


One thought on “Less is more & turning 100

  1. I am so happy to see these good news and,above all_to feel the tone of your inner state and thoughts…You’v made my day,with this ,thank you !

    Raise high,the roof,carpenters !
    We shall overcome,some day !

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