Ceo of Walgreens – Greg Wasson – Helping and Humble

Well it was a morning breakfast with the ceo of walgreens and about 120 other people.  It was nice to have him discuss his current plan for helping people as he is using his store fronts for clinics to help people and is providing fresh produce to under served communities (food deserts, which r areas of cities in the usa that have no store s which have fresh produce for miles and miles due to poverty.)  He also shared how he is from indiana and both his parents did not go to college and how he has worked his way up to be CEO of a mega corporation.  The funny part is that he did not seem to be comfortable speaking in front of the large audiences and would instead show movie clips.  He was the first executive speaker that I have heard who finished early.  I went and talked to him after the speech but it was for about 30seconds as there were about 20 others who had formed a line behind me to meet him.
I am starting to live many lives: mba student, lowly tech worker, executive club member and many others….  i guess in life we should always strive to make sure we do those activities which give us more energy and/or happiness.  Definately counciling others on depression at the hospital make me feel like a good and gives me energy as it truly helps people in need.  (Now if i can figure out how to get rid of these nightmares my life would be greatly improved)

An overall irony of my life is that I am feel like I am starting to experience mild successes yet still have challenges within (a mood disorder, nightmares/night sweats at times obsessive thinking).


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