Bitter darkness

I feel the bitter darkness of missing my friend walt.  He came to me in a dream, he didn’t know he was dead.  I had to explain it to him but also told him that i could not be a medium for him…..   it was a crazy dream, i guess my subconscience mind is still trying to work through it.  I felt crammed in the stuffy nonemotional office where the drone of computer fans and clicking of keyboards fill the air.  The day was warm and bright, i took myself on a two mile jog next to the lake, i took off my shirt during the run, to feel the sun on my skin and know that i am alive.  The exercise helps calm me down, keeps me feeling empty an emotionally barren office.  How is it that many of my coworkers could go to the funeral in the morning and go back to work?   Robots…

Well now i know,  if anything happened to me people would pause for a second in the office but then all world resume.  And i don’t have to wonder anymore. 


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