Moving forward

I am continuing to move forward and focus on keeping positive.  And when my mind goes to a dark place during the say i focus in self distraction including putting on ear phones and listening to music during the work day.  Finished my accou.ting exam on tuesday and now my term project is due on friday.  I have about 4 hours left.  Today i will push myself to go on my 2mile run and so weights.  For it has seemed that by working out good karma seems to fill my life and i feel better emotionally. 
It also helps that the weather has been beautiful.  
Thank god i was able to sleep last night.

Interesting notes: for school work i need 3 hours of proctastination to 1 hours worth of work.  I would like to fix that.  
6 nights of bad sleep to 1 night of good sleep.
Doubled the amount of lorenzapam before sleeping 1mg
I seem to eat a second dinner ever night explaining the weight gain, no doubt the side effect of the lorenzapam. Yep may have to make it a long term goal to give the stuff up.


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