To be honest I learned that everytime I told anyone about these issues, I would almost 95% of the time loose them as friends, 3% of the time sent to the councilors office

and maybe about 2% of the time they would accept me and still be my friends.  It is a lot of rejection and I only have about 2 people who I can share with and about 7 people who

know that I have this as an issue.  (and all of you)  What is the issue, dark thoughts, thoughts about self harm.. dewelling on thoughts of suicide… but I am learning that these are

really just thoughts of escape, like maybe I did not learn good coping skills.. or the deaths of my two step brothers brought me closer to the darkness.  Which every it is, I know that

I can keep control of myself and I will not let it ruin all my relationships.  I will keep myself safe.

Thanks for listening..

Maybe for you it can provide inspiration and maybe even take the first step to understand awareness.


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