Repressed events and feelings

When my brother had his heart transplant at 12 there always was the looming question, how long does a person live with a heart transplant?  Then the make-a-wish foundation came and he pick a computer over meeting Bill Gates, but ended up getting an autographed picture.  It also started to sink in then in the last days when his cheeks stared to get larger because of the pretnazone and other antirejection, which i regretfully teased him about.  The answer for him was 5 years he died at 17 just before his prom.  I miss him.  I guess all this talk of the dick channey, the ex US vice president getting a heart transplant got me stirred up.  I never realised the repressed love and sadness which i still hold for my own brother.  Part of the challenge of a mood disorder is to start to realize that there may have been tramatic events which have not received proper clossure.  I apparently neex to let myself have a good cry over my brother and get the pain out.


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