Confirmation and set your sights

So the confirmation found, there was a young woman in my accounting class and she looked so familure, pretty eastern european.  Anyways it seemed that she would not look at me,  i assumed that she was a person from my econ class which was not that nice and had moved across the room after she found i had 100% on my assignments ( i know better now,  grades are like pay in the USA u never tell a person about it ) anyways.  I ran into her in the elevator and she says hello and if i was going to organize any more gatherings.  The point that i am making is that my mind always,always, always thinks the worst than what the reality is.  This is a key observation so i should not get down.
Second point is that don’t over do it, don’t over sell your self in the united states, instead respect is earned (which i am still trying to gain) and people are annoyed by wealth or people talking about wealth, renting private train cars in mexico, cruises in alaska and yearly trips to brazil.  At work i have to keep my mouth shut the jelousy runs deep.
People in the united states, midwest detrust things that are over done or things that are too prepaired.  My current professor authors the text book the suuplementry book is a cpa…. and on his slides he tells you all his credentials.  He has name plates for you in class but in small litters is his name also kinda and ego manac although he is nice and has positive messages.

so if i really want to start my own business i need to focus, finiskh the business plan and stop spending personal money on nothing.  I need to view that i am going on a space flight to the moon and the fuel is cash.  And although there maybe investors i need to depend on myself and stop buying silly things.

Last topic
Art where r thou?
So my art has been neglected, i was with my son the other day and i got a little carried away with drawing.



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