Happy easter or spring

Well i went to visit my brother and family.
I enforced a no electronics rule as each person in his house sits next to each other and they ignore each other completely.  Then they go and play video games and never really interact.  If u count the computers and ipads they have over 11 systems for 4 people.  Instead i took them all to the park for kick ball and kite flying, then campfires in the back yard in the evening.   It was a nice time but now that i amback i find myself to be a bit depressed and dark.  But i am pulling through.

It must be a post holiday thing…..


One thought on “Happy easter or spring

  1. You are my friend, you are important to me. Now I write this to to you while being on the run;as you know,here in Romania (Amstredam, dooh!) we are a predominant orthodox country and this year the orthodox Easter is the day after tomorrow; and I still have a lot of unresolved house chores and preparations…
    But I want to tell you this :

    I think that the time has come for you to understand that Jesus is (right in this moment) awaiting at your heart’s door. When you’ll open this door He will immediately enter your heart and also will open for you the way to His father; in fact He Himself is indeed that way, as it is written in The Bible.
    But as much as I’d love The Scripture, now I’m telling all these not because they are written but from my own personal interior experience.
    Just think what you might accomplish in those fields you are so interested about (family, qualified help, artistic work, school, even business) but , above all, just try to imagine the peace, the joy and the warmth that will invade your heart. You’ll never lack those, again, no matter what…You’ll be able to offer them, in generosity and fullness, to others, according to your kind wishes that you already have.

    So, yes, may God bless you with His real blessing and Easter, HIS SON !

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