Helping without wanting anything in return

Well it is really though for me i trully want to go to the dbsa meeting this week however i have a meeting moving forward on my business… basically helping others, listening to them and providing them with basic tips on controlling depression, make s me feel like a huge winner.  It just feels right for me to help others and fight the inate selfishness that the consumerist capitalist society has created.  Basically we each programmed in the usa with visions of grandure which i beleaves effects make people in the us a have a me of selfcenter attitude.  Each individual is programmed with what can you do for me today.  I provides me with a vision of a homeless man bleeding on the sidewalk as people in gray suits step over him.  The fact is this vision was a reality when i lived in manhattan in the lower east side and there was a person bleeding on the side walk.  I called 911 and the first to come was the firedepartment when they saw it was an homeless person despite the fact he was bleeding down the side walk,  it was like he was an unperson.  So i stayed to make sure the dressed his wounds and he got tje care he needed.
Change can happen, someone told me that they are angry at everyone today, i told him – I am not like the others,  why don’t u tell me why you are angry… he told me that he had wanted to retire but is still working and this makes him angry,  now i knew, he had also mentioned to anotber person that he had never been taken out to lunch.  So today, I took him and another coworker out to lunch today, my coworker thought we would split it (to give the angry person a free lunch)  but instead i bought insisting you can get the next one.  I try everyday, just to try and make the world a better place.


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