Darkness in simplicity

The basic advice i gave my friend in college was if it makes you feel good go that and if it makes u feel bad don’t engage in that behavior.  And that when ur with a person ask urself haw does that person make me feel (after the sex and all)  and that there r some people who r crazy makers, that will make ur life crazy and others who r emotional possion by there nature.   There r good people too.

So basically i am looking at applying this rule to my life where i can do the things that give me energy and that includes going to the dbsa meeting and helping others this give me energy this make s me feel connected this makes me feel strong.  Instead i missed the meeting for talking with my new business associate.  Bummer and now i am scared sad about my accounting exam on monday.  I will pull it together.

Not sure if computers and the uncaring people involved is where i want to be.


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