The guy in the office…

The guy that sits in the back row who is asian, alwayz keeps to himself and keeps his ipod on always…Well he was actually talking to someone and i overheard cancer treatment, this was the second conversation which i had heard about this.  So when he was alone i walked over and said sorry to o verhear u talking but u mentioned cancer treatment is everything okay?  He said that his 29 year old girlfriend has stage 4 cancer.  I ignorically asked is stage for the best or worst? He said the worst.  Just talking to him my eyes started welling up with tears.  He went on to descide that her mother also had breast cancer.  So the mother and daughter would go and sit side by side receiving kemo therapy WOW right when i think i amd going though my own struggle u hear of another persons burdens.  I was intellegent enough no to mention that my aunt had died from tbat.  Instead i told him that if there was anything i could to please tell me.  Then o told him if he needed to talk during the day that i could take him for coffe or a walk and that i am a good listener.  I also asked if he had friends or family or church trying to asses his social support system.  He said that he had some friemd that were reallu supportive.
Wow that is just crazy a fun love time of life dark time.
An emotional landscape became conjured up in my head.  A dark grey smokey land scape with a huge tree with leaves and thiz tree and leaves were all black.  For instead of the tree of life this was the tree of death.  My mind jumps to ideas od his girlfriend passing and he takes his life to continue there love in an other world.  God help them though this,  i will be a friend and do what i can to help….


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