A sign that u maybe bipolar

A discovery that i found.
Basically if u find urself getting the highest grade in the class then getting the lowest grade in the class on exams.  Sometimes i get 100 and feel unchallenged then other times i am pulling up the bottom grade in class.  Fortunately i can pull it up to a high grade.  I have had this issue my entire life and it relates directly to my mood.
Well i guess i will be doing the extra credit assignment.
Saying positive as i am trying to remember i am a good person.

Today i measured how far i run at lunch.  Today i ran in the rain, i ran 2.5 miles which is my normal distance (but i never measured it)
I have entered a 3.5 mile run for may 24th it makes me feel like a winner to have people cheer for me at the finish line.
Wednesday is my ceo breakfast with the ceo of orbitz and about 120 other people.


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