Wrking to stay positive

I am working to stay positive, tomorrow i will run 3 miles which makes me feel less hungry.
I have secretly stopped taking wellbruim on sundays, giving my body a chance to rest.  I can feel the blood level difference as i start the week, i am calmer but i also tend to sleep late.   Instead of nightmares and waking at 5am, i woke up at 7am.  Kinda late for work, but i think it is key to start sleeping better as 2 people looked as me over a period of time and said that i look tired. 
I am working had to stop eating after diner or only fruit between meals not cheese or gmmies or anything else.  With the running,  exercise i am down 2lbs.  I am feeling better about myself and when and bought some fitted shirts
Thimgs r going okay.
This is great progress for me while the old me would have been crushed by not getting a top score in the mba class.
C u!


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