Painted onto a corner, time maybe limited

So hard i have tried to work with my step father to be aware of his anger and negativity.  Well it seems that he had a head ache and took a ton of asprin however he alread takes asprin for his heart stint and he has had a bipass.  Well the trigger for my retired stepfather was icecream and they wanted to charge him an extra 70 cents for whipped cream and another 70 cents for nuts.  Well he went nuts so angry and it seems he is now bleeding in his brain.   He has painted himself into a corner by now to drain the blood on the brain he has to go off of plavix and asprin ( blood thinners) but then his heart will clott or close.  So if the do brain the blood he may bleed to death.  My mom is worred sick holding him i. His hopital bed as they told her he could have a massive heart attack at anytime since the have stopped taking the plavix.
so sad,  i bought flowers for the hospital room and signed all my brothers names to them.  Meanwhile i have been listening to dark assilum music on internet radio which brings out my dragons i am trying to fight.


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