Self emergion therapy – fighting the darkness

I am working on being calm and it has paid off.
I have been feeling good and continue to keep exercising and running.
It has been a blessing to sleep well last night.
I have been trying a new technique with myself called habituation where u repeatly expose urself to the stressfull stimulas until i no longer have a reaction.  For me it is depressed and self destructive thoughts and i have been listening to dark assuilum internet radio and letting myself feel the darkness.  For years i have been running from sad movies unhappy music and many other lifestyle choices out of fear..  In stead of running from the darkness i am facing it, feeling it, then coming back to a happier place.  I am finding that i am not as afraid of depression as i thought, and have even started to help others at a support group.


One thought on “Self emergion therapy – fighting the darkness

  1. Take a Time-Out
    You don’t need to slip into bed to get the benefits of a good rest. Kate Hanley, author of “The Anywhere, Anytime Chill Guide: 77 Simple Strategies for Serenity” (Skirt!), suggests a simple exercise you can do at your desk that is just as refreshing as a nap:

    Keeping both feet on the floor, stack your forearms on the edge of the table.
    Scoot back in your chair so your spine is extended.
    Rest your forehead on your arms for a minute or two.
    This opens the neck and shoulders, where physical tension commonly builds up, and creates space in your rib cage for deep breathing. Visualize your next task going well, or simply focus on your heartbeat. Either way, this exercise gives you a break.

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