Each day is a new set of cards – The day cycles downward

ImageJust when you think ur on top.. depression deals you a “new” set of chemical cards every damn day.

I started by a comment by my manager and since them I have been spinning downward.  “Please explain the changes on all the (data) maps which you have created.” Since then my mind has cycle down, on itself I am not sure what to do.
I am not feeling well, it is like suddenly I am friendless, yet I am not alone, thank god for family.
Only to send a sappy email to my manager, and cc my coworkers about not being defensive but he should be understanding as we have just learned this new skill of mapping.  Ah well, I know that the work is only a thin vale for a trigger (something which provokes a response) and my job it is beware and stay in control.  I have not exercised in several days.  I guess, I am subjected to hard exercise as the only real way to regulate myself, there could be worse fates…

Well I am falling back the emergency antipychotic.  (first time this year.. 12 hours of relief.. kinda)

I will be back and stronger than ever, just need another day to grant me new set of cards.

(lastly, I can see Condalisa Rice (really) speak however it is $100 per seat, but I am thinking of going.)


2 thoughts on “Each day is a new set of cards – The day cycles downward

  1. Learn to use EFT. It’s easy and really is able to make shift the anxiety and dark inner state towards calmness and serenity. It’s a very useful thing, especially for emergency moments like this. Do yourself a favor and learn it while you are in a good state of mind. You surely know how useful it is to learn about something new, even if you are (and will remain) skeptical about it.

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