Cannot take it any more

Ever have that feeling that you cannot take it anymore?  Well i had one of those moments yesterday as a more senior man who is my assigned mentor had been yelling at me about my work.  I turned to him and said you know i retain less when you yellat me. Only to have him go and report back to my manager that i was not knowledable.  We that was the last straw i tracked down my manager shared that i felt he was unkind and that i was going to take the rest of the day off since i was so upset and i did just that.  Today i seemed to be more respected or treated like i was ill, like i am a sick person for having emotions in the world of IT ( information technology).  The world is telling to move on even though my manager is not.  Wow what emotions i had anger, felt like crying so i excused myself and made for a productive afternoon on to see my Tdoc. 
It was interesting the tdoc did not really address the issue, my point was that i was feeling bad and to keep it professional i had to excuse myself.  Now the person that i work with really shook my had tightly and said glad ir back and at the end of the day he said believe in urself.  Then my mentor person came over and sat on my desk and said what is ur problem? Ah well all these issues…
Now i have my exam on monday.
Do i work from home tomorrow as scheduled or out of fear and guilt do i come in to the office.  Answer i will not act simply out of fear,  i just need to see that things r not as bad as they seem and i just took an afternoon off.
….by the way i completed the race in 35mins for 3.5 miles.
I think i am going to lay off the herbal sleep aids as the maybe effecting / reducing the amount of rem sleep i get making me more prone to this outburst…..
When my manager left today for the first time he said,  goodevening which means either i have more respect or i am simply on the radar where before i was not on the radar.


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