Surviving final exams

If u can,  and u work on it then u can!
Just completed a 3hr 22 page accounting exam,
Wow and i was studying for about 16hrs,
I know that i did my best i could possibly do,
And yes i may get a b instead of an a but i am not worried.
For i know if i did my best, i am learning that that provides a certain level
Of statisfaction in itself.
I invited everyone to an afterbar only one person showed up (with an evite)
Oh well, it was cool to do that.
I think everyone may have been so tired from the exam
And perhaps discouraged that they went home.
I cannot help my but it felt good when the person who showed up at the bar asked me “did u get that return on investment problem” and I was able to rattle of the equation, that made me feel smart.
Now for the grade, a,b or c? Lets see.
Have a good day all.


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