Race day today – and the power of not giving up

Today is race day for the 5k.  I have been practicing for about 6 months then just yesterday as i was running 4 miles i pulled something.  I have been limping around, but i am still going to run.  Put on my big head phone focus and jog, jog and jog.  I have learned not to give up or give in.  I desprately want to listen to dark self defeating music so bad.  But i am going to keep focused, keep my thoughts positive and do my best in this run and for the deadlines at work.  Next stop, will be trying to study for my accounting exam.  My first step is saying that i want an A, my next step is proving that even though i had a lower score on the last exam that i can get an a in the class numerically,  next step was to create a study schedule and pratice tests, which i have done now to pratice like the training i did for the race.
As the little engine that could said, i think i can, i think i can….


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