Brothers….. and started my next class twice a week

Well i finished accounting with a B+ so that was most excellent.
Now i am starting my micro economics class which is going to be twice a week.  But i am up for it and very excited.  It has been warned on rate my professor not to take this guy, but i am not afraid and the guy holds my attention.  And since i know tons of math it looks like it may be easy.
Just takes lots of time.
I am feeling okay.
Okay so now for the brothers part.
Basically my one brother is one rank way from General in the army,
And my other brother makes 3 times as much as i do, basically so much it gets published….
Well well i just know that i am more real than both of them
And i help and volenter to help other depressed people at the hospital.
We all do the best we can..


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