The Art Show Game – why not try…..

Well I submitted to an art show.

My artist statement (just a quick one)

I enjoy creating art because it provides me with a challenge to capture the moment which goes beyond the sharp contrast in digital photographs.
I prefer places with water and reflections. My favorite places include navy pier, the Morton Arboretum and traveling to beaches around the world.
I use a technique of soft pastel on a cason paper, the sharpness of the pigment and the tooth of the paper makes it feel as if the picture draws itself; like the development of a polaroid.
I enjoy creating art on sight, at the location, as a feel that the event itself becomes embedded into the picture.
Art for me is an activity, to go on sight and create real-time. I find it invites public interaction as a create a new work.
For me Art is a lifelong development of talent, from learning Oils at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, to studying portraiture in Manhattan. I, now have the portability of pastel and the confidence to draw anywhere.


Enclosed where my submissions.

but the truth is those that are picked “will become part of the perminate corp collection” not sure if I really want any of my work at the corporation, kind makes it pedestrian.

Who knows “open yourself to the world and the world will open itself to you” so I am entering, then I submitted a part for the newsletter on my induction to the honor society, and in another club I joined the new leaders circle.

People that are depressed don’t try…. (or so I say sometimes…) so I am doing the opposite and trying, trying hard. 😉


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