Help…. says the person

So i am working hard and it is kinda overwhelming but i am having my resume rewritten by a professional group and will keep moving forward.

So today i was sitting on the el train the metro and the was a drugged out black man, you could tell, talking to another person who was also stuck in her life.  I listened to hard and dark he life was, and she had fallen asleep on the el line(the metro) and was getting back to the city to pan handle.  He got off the train tben several stopps later before she got out i followed her to the door and ask if she was in trouble, she was nervous and asked i was a cop.  I said no but i could tell from her pipils she was on something.  I got off at the station with her i could see she was young were a nice red top and a begging cup with a piece of cardboard which probly was a sig. Askin for help.  Asked he what was wrong she told me she was 4 months pregnant and needed to get to wisconsin,  i asked he the city in wisconsin and she. Said beloit.  He story seemed tru i gave her a large bill.  She saus can i huge you? And what is your name, she huged me i told her it was christian.  I had to run to my grad school, after works i when out and looked for her, i may never see her again but at least she know that there are kind hearts out there just as you have proved a kind heart to me.  May she use the money for food and to help the baby and not on drugs.   May a higher power help and protect her.
Thursday is the solstice, i will take off of work and do the thing you need to or want to do… really maybe u should do this to.


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