I am so crushed by that mgr comment.


One thought on “Crushed

  1. C’mon, you shouldn’t be ! I think, in fact I am quite convinced, that he was talking about being (becoming) informed (savvy, as you are, for example, IT-savvy) on self-developpement or self-help
    methods, ideas, principles and practices_ which might prove useful on improving different aspects of our personality and our lives, even if they aren’t taken seriously or accepted by the established science . What I’m trying to say is that he was well intended, he had probably read some self-dev material and was just communicating his enthusiasm on it.
    In my opinion, his remarks were anodyne or even benevolent and reflecting a positive impression about your person…
    Which is the attitude you should also embrace, especially towards yourself _ benevolence, acceptance, viewing yourself in an encouraging light, a positive one…
    You’ve heard, of course, that advice that says we should become that person we’d like to meet;
    so, even if he was not in such an absolute degree what I was saying( benevolent, positive, admirative, encouraging) _ why learn you not to treat yourself that way ?

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