Yep, no luv at the office, not quiting though

Yes i met with the mgr today, no good job on my project or anything… i can see that there is no love at the office.
The answer is 3 days that is how long it too to get over the comment.
Today i applied for a new position.
Ovr the weekend my family had a party for the US independance day, large wholesome burgers and then night came my cousin did fireworks and i had rav gloves, glow sticks and more to ravy music.    It was a ton of fun, thank god for the family.   I have 40 bug bits on each foot but it was worth it!
So the point is,  someone kicks sand in your face what r u going to do?
Me, i get upset for 3 days then i focus no new solutions, i have never benn fully respected at my company, but that is the dark motor cycle white boy network club that is the leadership there, only to be contrasted with declaring it to be the “BEST PLACE TO WORK” which is only because they intimidated everyone to answer the survays that way.  Anyways I am going to keep trying,  like the little engine that could and try my hardest to stay positive.
Take care


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