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Well no wonder my mind is spinning
i will have my work review which i hate, and and exam.
I have also decided that i suffer from paranoia which i guess i have been in denial about, i wake up in the morning thinking that people at work r uniting aganist.  Now i didn’t think anything of it at mu last job in Nyc but i am finding that the same patterns r emerging, there is always a central person who i think is especially aganist me uniting others to hate me, and this only drives and reinforces the dark thinking.  This is probly a hold over from went i was a teenager was stuck in a loveless fearfill home.  Thank god i have the incite to understand it.  I have to be brave to talk to a dr about it because i know the treatment for this is some kind of mindnumbing, reduce ur sex drive, gain weight medication.   But i am going to find the strentgth to work on this because i will keep me safer.
I did the exam 3.5 hours long wow!
Now for a fun review at work … where u get to write ur own review
Like picking the stick they will beat u with AWSOME 😉


3 thoughts on “Dlb header

  1. Hi ! You’re being too harsh on yourself…

    Look here what I’ve found:

    Verbal assaults are so hurtful because they make you feel helpless

    The insults can be forthright or veiled: an eye roll when your head is turned, a “joke” that bites you in the butt, a word of humiliation in front of your boss. You know, you know: It’s not personal—it’s the attacker’s problem. But understanding that your foe never made therapy his priority doesn’t mean you shouldn’t draw up a plan of defense, and fast.

    Next: What’s driving all that hostility?

    What drives this kind of hostility? And what makes it escalate? Aaron Beck, MD, a psychiatrist and the author of Prisoners of hate: The Cognitive Basis of Anger, Hostility and Violence, believes that people who are prone to attacking others—whether verbally or physically—regard life as a battle, often as a result of overcontrolling parents or other authority figures. They’re continually mobilized to fight because of a pattern of perceiving belligerence in other’s behavior, Beck writes. In essence, the antagonist concludes that everyone is seeking to oust or joust him—which is why he jumps for another’s jugular before this “enemy” can take him down.

    Jay Carter, the author of Nasty People: How to Stop Being Hurt by Them Without Becoming One of Them, calls such attacks invalidations—a term he uses to describe any attempt to injure. “The invalidator has to control you because she sees you as superior,” Carter says. “If someone is invalidating you, she has probably been invalidated in the past.” About 1 percent of invalidators are complete psychopaths who might eventually resort to a violent rampage, he says, but far more typical is the person who uses verbal attacks to score ego points.

    Read more: http://www.oprah.com/relationships/Attack-of-the-Killer-Comment/2#ixzz214VOZ5It

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