Dr provides nothing

Well i made it through the 3 hour final
And a B for the class, which i am actually okay with, which shows growth and emotional maturity.
No review yet at work, i posted my responses and saw they added an extra item in mine, completes work on time.  I know the game a t my work and rated myself average for everything as they provide averages to everyone with only a 6% promotion rate and no real money for raises.
Everyone is average at my work which used to make me crazy, but know after 4 years i understand the game.
Talked to my pdoc about paranoia, he is like don’ t u know it is typical for bipolar people to have this…. i explained how it was dangerous and recently destablizing, he basically said take the respiritol (antipsychotic).
I was hoping for xanax or something short acting to get though it.  Her in the midwest of the united states they barely give u medication the idea is ur better without it, man up, be strong.  In nyc they give you what u need and really want to help.  I have had this experience a number of times with different doctors from both these regions.  Nice, looks like i may have to use herbals over the counter like kava kava, to get through the tough times as getting another dr is a nightmare.   I feel like a kid where u cannot get what u need, fun stuff.


3 thoughts on “Dr provides nothing

  1. It is a good thing _ not relying every time on medicines, you know…Especially the industrial ones.

    You’ll be fine, you’ll see!

    Congrats on your exam results !You are so good, man !

  2. As it makes two years since my first encounter with your blog, I’ve tried to go to that period’s posts.
    But didn’t go too far yet, because I came upon a comment that seemed not having been read by you; it seemed important, so here it is :

    Leigh Turgeon says:
    May 1, 2012 at 8:01 am

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