Triple header

This week was a triple header
Pdoc, tdoc and depression and bipolar support group.
They actually had some good ideas for me at group, like
Why not do some artwork if that is ur love and the work and grad school will be fine by themselves doing what u enjoy will bring enjoyment a simple and helpful concept.
I was so sad in group tonight as the moderator has decided that she will no longer share, and practice to be a professional moderator well that is unhelpful, and she has been through so much.  Then when she does share says well u all have illness since u have not found jesus christ or something.  Well we all kinda knew that comment was not really moderator/hospital neutral. 
Wow thanks for all the kind caring remarks and email from my posts.  I believe there to be angeles in south america, a dark red head angels in england, and a white angel in eastern europe.  This blog has been like prayer u don’t know if anyone is listening,  cares and even wonder if the honesty is approprate or if u will be punished for it, but i keep trying in the hope that my outpouring will help or even save someones life.
Tonight i boarded the bus,  and a person was standing there who could not pay, how much you need?  A dollar.. the person says… and i hand over a dollar.   Just trying to help as we all get through this world another day.


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