The killer exam is done and like 8 people came to the after bar i organized it was good.  Wow finance can be tough but even tougher when the professor is not super clear or documents what is on the final.  We will see, i predict that i will start feeling happier soon.

On another thought, each of us is a great sand clock with each grain of sand representing a little bit of time for our lives.  So why end it early?  Why let the darkness win when we will be out of time anyways… eventually.  So first i need to understand what the issues are… people at work are not friendly?  Do i globalize and say the world is not friendly? No,  just get another job at a friendlier place?   Or maybe the culture of chicago, usa is not friendly?  Maybe move to another country?  So there are otber options and tonight i found many people came out to hang out… and i put it together..    tomorrow i will ride 12 miles by the lake cycling… i will feel happy… i will try to today.. love, kindness and caring are things in am learning to appreachate more than anything..


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