Jet fighters in the chicago

I was going for a victory after last nights killer exam



And took the following picture. 
I talked with my theapist of going off meds…
He tried to gently tell me not a good idea.
I need to find a book on how to do it, it must be tough but i would love not not have to maintain this….
It is like a person in a wheel chair and all the can think about is being able to walk….
I know that it will be a horrifying experience…. but i would love the peace it could bring.   It is just the two weeks of hell as the body drains itself of something it thinks it needs……
Will i, will i?
I don’T know but i will need my doctor to help… maybe i could find a friend and sleep on the coach “to feel safe and loved” while i go i to withdrawl…
I don’ t know.


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