The day

The day – we have my brother in law visiting from brazil. We went to the chicago airshow yesterday it was great and we cycled 15 miles.
Yestersay was church and a visit to my mother who i have not seen since i was taking my class this summer.  Now i am headed to work and all management is on vacation i will be in charge of four indian contractors.  All should be good.
The realization is hitting me to launch a company it is going to require lots of money.  It is for the rich or you must know rich people.  Maybe i need to take a little trip to wall street – new york and pay a visit to some old friends.  The old me says, give up don’t fight, i did not go to a private grammer or high school,  i cannot support an innovati e new company, but the other voice says go for it, i am a great organizer and i can get the work amd people that i need.  Who knows but i am pulling my money togeth going to rewrite my business plan and start to build out new software on the creativity that the lord bless me with… one day at a time,  stay hopeful… hopeful and move forward.


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